Take back your time in 3 hours.

The ChatGPT Survival Kit is a jam-packed practical video course that will allow you to create better lessons and spend more time with your family. Includes a 24-page supplementary e-booklet.

What People Are Saying About The ChatGPT Survival Kit

"Exploratory, insightful and impactful. This is the 'jump off' point everyone needs to build enthusiasm and understanding around how ChatGPT and AI will shape all of our futures and work life - delivered from a practical and actionable perspective."Patrick McGrath
Head of Education Strategy, Texthelp

"Dan is an expert in this emerging generative AI space for education and can't wait to see his impact on educator training."Anthony Hernandez

"Dan is a hands-on presenter who captivates the audience by showing HOW and WHY. Dan's examples were inspiring."Jeremy Brooks
Teacher, Canada

"I highly recommend this professional development course. It was a valuable and enriching learning experience that I believe will have a lasting impact on my teaching practice."Gino Valore
Teacher, Australia

"I came into this with a degree of scepticism. I have left curious to explore its potential and enthusiastic to apply it to my role."David Russell
Director, International English School of Castellón

"First time in a long time that I have felt excitement around changing practice in education!"Holly Thomas
Teacher, UK

"My heart is pounding. This webinar has got me really excited about the future as well as equipping me with tools I can use now."Susannah Harlow

Sneak Peek at The 4 Minute Lesson

Is The ChatGPT Survival Kit For You?

Who, specifically, is this course for?The ChatGPT Survival Kit is for teachers, trainers & educational leaders who want their private time back, without sacrificing the quality of their work. If you love working in education and don't want to burn out then this 2 hour course is for you.Who should NOT buy this course?If you already create quality courses, lesson plans, content and feedback, without giving up your free time, then this course probably isn't for you.This course is focused on giving you the awareness, know-how and top tips to produce quality content, a lot faster using artificial intelligence.This course is not some "hack" or "trick" course. It's focused on helping you use cutting edge technology to work smarter and faster.If you are reading this you are early on this life-changing technology!


1. Create the Future
2. What is ChatGPT?
3. ChatGPT x Pedagogy
4. PREP the Machine
5. The 4 Minute Lesson
6. The ChatGPT Examiner
7. Education Copilot
8. The Curiosity Framework
9. Rethinking Assessment

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